Q: How can I book a tattoo with you?

A: Thank you so much for your inquiry! You can start the booking process by emailing 

Here are some key points I will need to get things rolling:

  • A description of your tattoo idea.
  • Size and placement
  • Black & grey or colour
  • Your availability
  • 3 refrence photos relating to your request

You should hear a response in roughly 3-5 business days.


Q: What is your deposit policy & how much can I expect to pay for a deposit?

A: The deposit sometimes will vary given on the size and complexity of the design we are undertaking, typically I take a minimum non refundable $150 deposit. This will come off of the total amount of your tattoo at the end of the session. See my cancellation policy to see the exceptions to this rule. 
Deposits are also non refundable, this is for a few reasons. Your deposit pays to get the design process rolling as well as to hold your spot in the calendar. In many ways the deposit is an insurance policy, to ensure that you are serious about investing in your tattoo, will show up and hold the date discussed and to cover any drawing time should there be any schedule changes or no-shows. 
Deposits can be carried forward to new dates, as long as 72hrs notice is given.


Q: What if I have to cancel or reschedule our appointment?

A: I require 72hrs notice for all cancellations. This allows me enough time to find someone to fill the time slot. If the cancellation does not allow 72hrs notice, you will forfeit your deposit and be required to submit a second deposit upon rescheduling. If you are cancelling do to illness, please inform me and I will do our best to accommodate you. I value the safety and health of both the studio staff and clients above all. Please contact your artist directly for all rescheduling.


Q: How much is your hourly rate?

A: The minimum charge for a tattoo falling under an hour is $150 with tax. My hourly rate is $200/hr. We require a $150 deposit while booking a tattoo date. This will come off of the total amount at the end of your tattoo. The deposit is in place to insure that your appointment will be honoured and to start the drawing process. Deposits are non-refundable as our shop deposit policy. 


 Q: How much do consultations cost & why do I need one?

A: Consultations are free!

Why are in-person consultations important?

  • To ensure that a client is reliable & able to show up to a scheduled time & date.
  • To better establish trust and build a healthy client-tattooer relationship. Tattooing is absolutely an energy exchange and it's important for both parties to feel safe.
  • To discuss details in person so that the client is able to explain their concept clearly & physically show us the area where they wish to be tattooed. Ever misinterpret a text? Emails can be tricky!
  • To allow us to take a tracing of the area/ see if there are any surrounding tattoos that may conflict with our deaign.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Lucky Toad  tattoo is a cash only location. 


Q: I am not 18 yet, but my parents give me their permission. Do you tattoo minors with consent?

A: Unfortunately no tattooing of any minors under any circumstances. We would love to design something cool for you once you are of age though!


Q: Where are you located?

A: I am currently working at Lucky Toad Tattoo, located at 141 Jubilee St, Duncan B.C. 

Q: When can I see artwork for my tattoo?

A: This varies for each artist. I am currently operating on a "day of" basis, depending on the design. 

This is for a few reasons:

  • My heavy work load/increase in the scale of projects
  • I tackle projects in chronological order, I am often chipping away at the upcoming weeks projects as they approach
  • Freedom to create in a way that feels really authentic as well as better work on the development of my personal style.

That being said, please speak up! It's your body.

Any minor changes can always be made on the day, I try to schedule enough time for alterations if need be, as well as time with the needle down. Any major changes, let's just reschedule!

In the grand scheme of things, I am only human, a one woman show. I don't expect to always get it right, I'm so happy to go back to the drawing board if that means you end up with a tattoo that you are over the moon about. Waiting a couple more months for me to really lock it down for you, is such a small drop on the hat compared to a lifetime of ink that you are really stoked on.


Q: What if I want to change my design or I’ve changed my mind on what I want?

A: I always suggest that you are firm with your concept prior to booking your tattoo. Minor changes to the design are not a problem. If we have agreed on a design concept and the design/subject matter is to change entirely, I cannot guarantee that I will accept the new project request. I am working hard to both develop my own personal style as well as tattoo subject matter that I both feel confident in, as well as peaks my interest. I strongly feel that this yields the best results for everyone and helps me stay passionate about every project. 

Q: What kind of work do you prefer?

A: My heart sings for anything whimsical. Fairytale, psychedelic, occult, medieval, nature, insects, animals, animals doing people things, fairies, elves, botanical. I enjoy femme figures and faces, dark, creepy and beautiful themes.


Q: Will you tattoo my/my friends/this person's drawing on me?

A: No, sorry. I am working to create a unique personal style that people are attracted to and seek out independently. As much as I appreciate other people's designs I am gravitating towards personalized, custom tattoo work.


Q: Do you have any flash available?

A: You can find all of my flash and "Wanna Do's" under the highlight reel on my instagram page. They can be found under the header, "available".


Q: How often do you check your email?

A: I usually respond to emails every 3-5 business days. If you haven't heard from me in roughly a weeks time, please feel free to send me another email or application as sometimes things get lost in the steady flow of messages. 


Q: How can I show up to my tattoo appointment prepared/ what do I need to know prior?

A: Most importantly, make sure to have a good nights rest the night prior, be well hydrated/ bring water as well as eat before your appointment. This will help regulate your blood sugar levels. Depending on the nature and placement of the tattoo, wear clothes that allow easy access, preferably dark colours as to not stain the fabric during the tattoo process. 

Q: Are touch ups free?

A: Touch ups are free within the first 5-6 months of your tattoo. After this time, the skin is exposed to natural “wear and tear”, like sun exposure, ect, that may effect the overall appearance of the tattoo. Being mindful to follow aftercare instructions during the healing process as well as precautions with your healed work, like wearing sunscreen in the summer or keeping your tattoo covered will help it age well. 


Q: What are your Covid Protocols?

A: These apply only if Provincial health orders are currently in effect.

We ask that you please come to the shop alone to help limit the amount of bodies in the space at a time. We ask that you please follow the current recommendations listed by health Canada, don a mask to your appointment if required and bring any food or drink in a tight, sealed and secure container. Please bring as few personal items as you can. If you have been sick, around someone that is sick or think you be be under the weather please reschedule your tattoo appointment. The safety and health of our staff and clients is of great importance to us. 



If you have any additional questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me at