I'm Catlyne, or Cat for short.
I am an illustrator and tattooer based out of Victoria B.C. Canada.
I specialize in the whimsical, magical and occult. I love drawing inspiration from nature and the rugged beauty of the west coast.
I have been apprenticing in tattooing for three years, tattooing for two. I have just recently completed my training, although I will be forever learning and growing in this craft.
Prior to tattooing I was a freelance artist, taking on commission projects of many mediums. From portraits and murals to commercial projects and graphic design. I enjoy a challenge and the excitement of exploration.
Art has always has been such a large part of my life. I am grateful to continue on my art journey in tattooing and I hope to be an active and recognized member of the Victoria B.C. art community.
I am a friendly hermit who loves her time outdoors. When I am not working, I enjoy live music, hiking, yoga, creating, reading, having philosophical conversations, chatting about spirituality and day dreaming about parallel dimensions. 
Thank you for checking out my website and I hope I was able to bring a little whimsy to your day!